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The Mid-America chapter of the American Medical Writer's Association was founded in 1985, and historically serves AMWA members living in the states of Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska. We published a quarterly newsletter (latest issue Spring 2023), and hold regular meetings. The Board of Directors holds regular meetings by teleconference, and minutes of those meetings are available.

Upcoming Chapter Events:

TechWriteSTL (St Louis)


January 10 - Best Practices for Working Remotely, presented by Susan Ryan, SC Ryan Consulting, LLC
March 13 - Dealing with Difficult People in the Workplace, presented by James RW Linsin, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist
May 08 - Launching a Freelance Writing/Editorial Business, presented by Ruth Thaler-Carter
July 10 - Developing New Skills, presented by Elizabeth Donald
September 11 - Artificial Intelligence and Scientific Publishing, presented by Lisa Balbes
November 13 - Best and Worst Books of 2024, presented by Leslie Neistadt

All meetings will be held at Sunny Street Cafe, 11692 Manchester Road, Des Peres from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm.  For more information or to register contact one of the organizers.

Iowa Area Events

Contact Julia Moffitt for more information on events in this area.  

Nebraska Area Events

Contact Rebecca Bigelow or Matt Sandbulte to RSVP or for more information about events in this area.

Kansas City Area Events

The Kansas City Area coordinator position is currently open.  Contact one of the officers if interested. 

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